New email address and new delimiters!

At high seas, you cannot surf the net, but many of you can send the good old emails. That's wonderful! Simply send an email to; the system will automatically scan it(every 15 minutes) into the captain's log (aka position reports) database. One log entry per email. Use plain text and attach no photo(emails larger than 30k in size, which is about 900 lines, will be rejected). Your email subject line turns into the log entry title line. Yes, you can send logs for other yachts; just fill in their correct sailor ID's and boat ID's. The sender email address is recorded to prevent abuse. Cut and paste the following empty template in your email contents. Watch out! "Title", "sailor_id", "boat_id", "date", "latitude" and "longitude" are required. Convert N 38°15'00" to 38.250 and W 123°30'90" to -123.515. Southern hemisphere and Eastern longitude go the opposite way.
This is an example: (You can use the tag pair <pre> and </pre> to preserve your formattings;
Please hit returns at the end of each line and don't keep typing nonstop; don't let your PC auto-wrap fool you.)

Yes, you have to follow the date format of 2003-02-18 so the parser could recognize it.
WARNING: Do not miss any of these black colored typings after this line. They are keywords for the parsing program
, including those ":" and "_". Please DO use the "cut and paste" method to be safe.
sailor_id: 306
boat_id: 58
date_occurred: 2009-09-25
latitude: 48.117
longitude: -123.255
region: Seattle Area
We almost hit a rock which was not shown on the chart.
It turned out to be a whale...
watch out, folks!