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Sailor ID: 8971
Sailor Name: Zeyang
Gender: other
Current Location:
Oslo, Norway, Norway
Local Info Volunteer: Yes
Main Activity: Maritime
Nationality: Norwegian
Looking for crew position? No
Boat(s) On file: N/A (2998)
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Sailing the Farmin the way afte 8 years of building our Boat. we are leaving Norway and will sail coast of Europe down to Canary Island until December. Will cross to south America in January/February 2017 and continue sailing south America in 2017. Pacific in 2018 and Asia in 2019/2020. Please contact us if you want to join Sailing the Farm.

Interested in self-sufficiency? Want to help build a community? Love the sea? Our collective, on an organic farm a few hours north of Oslo, is for anyone who wants to learn and work hard. We grow food, boats and ideas, so if you have a knowledge or interest in permaculture, farming, boat building, or sailing, come and help us create a home that is sustainable both on land AND out at sea! We are building a sailboat (the first of many), with the hope that when she sets sail (hopefully 2016) we will visit other eco-villages around the world, collecting knowledge and travelling in the most eco-friendly way possible. Anyone who helps will have the chance to join our crew, a tribe of floating sea-gypsies! We also need help on the farm, as we build up the infrastructure to form a stable base for our community. This project is relatively new; we began in 2009 so there is still a lot to be done. We live with two dogs, the farm cat and some (very) free-range chickens. We keep bees and make jam; this year we harvested our first crop of potatoes and planted next seasons raspberries. Eventually we hope to grow all our food. We want to create a place that will flourish as our boats start sailing, a place where crops, thoughts, adventures, and of course boats, can grow! Want more info?