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2008-06-15 21:22:22 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 7233
Sailor Name: Vk4dko
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Tombobo, Negros Oriental, Philippines
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Boat(s) On file: Palingari (2706)
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I am German born Australian, male, in my midsixties. I am physically fit and healthy. I am nonsmoker social drinker and do not use and/or tolerate druguse on my boat. Sailing experience: Sailing along Australias East and North coasts; Cruising in Indonesia for two years and a visit to the philippines for nearly one year. I built my yacht and maintained it over the years. I am a retired Electronics Engineer and have also degrees in Environmental Management and Information Technology. Amateur Radio Operators (Ham) licence. Also worked as Dive Instructorfor a Brisbane dive club before I started (and during the time I was building the boat.