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2018-05-26 23:44:04 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 6833
Sailor Name: Tuulissa
Gender: female
Age: 52
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
, , Finland
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: Mixed
Nationality: Finland
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Love for island-hopping in the Azores/Atlantic islands
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Do you want a deckhand, competent crew, friend - or just someone to chat and sail with? Explore the sights, relax and have a good time? I am easygoing and passionate sailor. I enjoy seeing historical sights and culture, picturesque villages and waterfalls, wandering on old towns, eating delicious local food and fish, having some drinks and trying out new sports and activities. I also Love swimming, white water rafting and cayaking! I would like to join in relaxing fun cruising anywhere in Europe, preferably island-hopping in the Azores or other Atlantic islands, maybe in other locations around the globe too. I have sailed since childhood in the Finnish archipelago on the Baltic sea. Additionally some trips to the neighbor countries Sweden and Estonia. Recent years lots of cruising on Mediterranean (Turkey, Greece, Corsica, Sardinia, Croatia, Malta, Spanish coast to Portugal via Gibraltar) and Caribbean (Leeward islands). Two North-Atlantic crossings from west to east (diagonally from St. Maarten to Azores and classic northern route Antigua-Bermuda-Azores-South Portugal) some years ago, last year ocean crossing from Southern Spanish coast to Madeira and further to Azores, with little island-hopping. I have also crewed regularly in amateur race team for 4 seasons on the Baltic sea. All the boats have been 26ft - 50ft, and as small boats still quite easy to handle and trim sails. I have used paper charts and simple GPS and stood 3-hour solo watches as well. Have accomplished spinnaker and day-skipper (practise) courses. But I do not have professional experience, certificates or formal qualifications for skippering or navigation. Im smoker and will smoke on the deck (leeward side).