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2006-06-22 06:15:48 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 5718
Sailor Name: Isadora
Gender: female
Age: 60
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Traveling _ USA, , USA
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Nationality: USA
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Woman obsessed w/romantic idea of sailing away!
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I'm a fit and healthy mature female. I've dreamed all my life about sailing the world, but as much as I'm enchanted by the idea of sailing the 7 seas, I'm also a little frightened. I was born and raised in inland so I don't know where this obsession came from. I've read endless books about sailing and ship wrecks, but I think the obsession came first--then the books. I have owned two different sailboats and sailed on lakes, but the idea of sailing far away never leaves my daydreams.I'm afraid if I don't just go, I'll regret it at the end of my life. An unlived dream seems incredibly sad.I'd love to hear other's experience and advice. Is there a better forum for exploring these questions with people who've taken the plunge and sailed away?