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2008-02-15 06:26:31 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 5056
Sailor Name: aliciamerlady
Gender: female
Age: 57
Current Location:
St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: Mixed
Nationality: USA
Looking for crew position? Yes
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merlady seeks sailing adventure
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AAh life is beautiful and magnificent. It is time again to set those sails to head for gorgeous snorkeling coves, quiet anchorages, making friends with other cruisers and folks met on islands, learning more Spanish, French, and best of all visiting the underwater world. I love this cruising lifestyle. I spent the last 4 seasons crewing in Mexican and Carribbean waters on cutters and catamermans. My passions are snorkeling, dancing, singing and cruising.I am also a beginning diver having gotten my padi open water certificate in 2006. I am Easy going,non-drinker,non-smoker, team player, can provision,stand night watches, cook and sing..Yes, I travel with my banjo and clown nose as well as my healing hands and herbal medicines. check out my web site- I recently sold my land base and am seeking like-minded merfolk to create a water based lifestyle. I am presently in Florida with my folks until the middle of March. I can give you references from past captains. OK interested? let's dialogue and go exploring new frontiers on and in the sea. merlady