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Sailor Name: Diddypapa623
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Age: 42
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Eastbourne, , UK
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Looking to crew and Learn
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Hello All, I'm looking to gain experience on yachts and would be interested in all possibilities, however an Atlantic crossing would be be my number one option.I have worked on a 56ft Ketch as a Deckhand/Diver going from Kenya to Zanzibar,previously although this was long ago and I am rusty to say the least. But I am able to learn on the job and I'm willing to get my hands dirty. I am more used to being at sea on working boats doing more industrial tasks so I do know how to tie a knot and turn a spanner.I'm used to living in close quarters and working long shifts. I'm a pretty chilled and easy going fella. I like an adventure and have travelled extensively picking up a few local phrases in different languages here and there.I am First Aid & CPR trained and have Offshore survival certs. As well as some powerboat experience.If anyone needs a crew member for sometime and doesn't mind showing me the workings of the boat as we go I'd be happy to get myself to a place in Europe for a start.