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Sailor ID: 29896
Sailor Name: Overseas201306
Gender: male
Age: 56
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
, Voronezhskaya Oblast, Russia
Local Info Volunteer: Yes
Main Activity: Mixed
Nationality: Israel
Looking for crew position? Yes
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In the year of '39 assembled here the Volunteers...
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My name is Ran – aka Вадим – born 1962 in Russia. Single, celibate. Citizen of Israel and Russia. These days I stay with my elderly parents. M. Sc. (Physics, 1984), Ph. D. h. c. (Metaphysical Sciences, 2014). Laureate of many (incl. International) contests (literature, journalism, political sci., maths... even singing). Engineer-researcher, philosophy teacher, political scientist and adviser, journalist, writer, translator/interpreter, linguist, social worker, youth leader and more… Devoted and passionate volunteer with a huge, 'multi-focal' social, spiritual and work experience - various religious and non-religious communities in a couple of dozens of countries (incl. Catholic, Orthodox & Buddhist monasteries, Israeli kibbutzim, ‘Bruderhof’, ‘The Twelve Tribes’, ‘Camphill’, WWOOF, summer camps, etc). Was employed and succeeded as steward and kitchen-hand, milker and cook-assist, gardener and fruit-picker, construction worker and painter, driver and house-keeper, room-attendant and receptionist, street-seller and advertising agent, Hebrew tutor and maître-d’hotel… I speak Russian, Hebrew, English, German, some French. Able to understand more or less some Slavic and Roman tongues. I'm a very diligent, responsible, accurate and reliable person. Very friendly, communicable, tolerant and helpful. Always ready to give a hand, to share my knowledge and experience, to learn smth. P.s. My detailed curriculum vitae, references, copies of docs are available instantly on your request