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2018-06-26 16:32:06 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 29321
Sailor Name: Amyrmccomb
Gender: female
Age: 26
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
Denver, , USA
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: Mixed
Nationality: USA
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Available Crew :: NAmerica>Oceania or NZ
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Hi! I’m a solo female looking for a beginner crew position on a 35+ft yacht. I’m currently in the US and available to board anywhere on the North American west coast. I’m looking to sail towards Oceania, specifically New Zealand. I’m due in NZ by the end of Aug for my visa. I'm a beginner sailor still, but I've sailed and been on a variety of boats. I've never experienced sea sickness. Before I started traveling the world I was a cook at a café in Oregon. I’m fit, I work hard, and I’m used to long hours. I’m organized, can anticipate ways to help out, independent, and have a stable temperament. I studied sociology and anthropology in college and enjoy engaging conversations about people and cultures. I get along best with people that are direct and open-minded. I’d love to hear more about your boat, qualifications, experience, timeline, financial expectations, and personality to see if we’d be a good fit. Thanks for your time! Cheers!