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2018-06-08 08:31:35 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 29228
Sailor Name: Cristina Hernandez
Gender: female
Age: 43
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
Madrid, , Spain
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: CoastalCruise
Nationality: EspañA
Looking for crew position? Yes
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we are two friends , happy people looking for an opportu
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My name is Cristina, from Spain. I have been traveling on my own since 2009, life experience to be able to connect, interact and have compassion, helping and doing a lot of volunteer work. Now looking for remunerated work. I don´t like make plans. I flow with life.... everything is changing all the time so is better let life be. My passionate energy and true love for life is contagious and encouraged.. And i am Varia from Germany. I was born and grow up in Ukraine, in the beautiful city of Kiev. Also I travel on my own since 2009 when I gave up my last "decent" job. My first major exploration trip was Thailand in 2009. Since then, traveling is my lifestyle. I often work as a volunteer. If I would describe myself briefly - I am life! I met Cristina in India and our energies immediately said "yes" to each other. I (Cristina)consider myself an adventurous and courageous woman.I love adventure, travel and meet remote and wild places, I generally do not like places where there is a lot of noise and many people. More than a year ago I had the opportunity to do a sailing trip sailing in a 47 f catamaran throughout the East Coast and Northern Territory of Australia, finished in Wessels Island. I was sailing two months and a half. was an incredible experience. also I sailed in a yacht from Auckland to New Caledonia, Vanuatu & Solomon Island for two months and a half and one months in Malaysia. I would love to have another opportunity to sail again , stay on the ocean and feel the sense of freedom. .. I am open to opportunities...any part of the world is wonderful. Fortunately I never get sick on the boat. I am 40 years old but looks like much less I am a happy person, sweet, smiling, with sense of humor, honest, active, a friend of my friends, rebellious soul, I consider myself as a special person. I like fishing, snorkel, reading, I love sports in general, also may cook, eat healthy and look after myself. I like team work and learn new things. I love to drink a cup of red wine with a tapas, looking the sunset!! :) anywhere in the world is beautiful so I am open in opportunities. I am planning with a friend (my team) our next adventure, it would be in October of 2018, we would like to get a boat and explore Cambodia, Philippines, Papa New Guinea, and it would also be interesting to return to the South Pacific, place that I went and I loved it. Although we are open in any places.... The boarding location is just one example, as we need to enter something specific. But we are totally flexible My friend and I, we are a good team and we get along very well, we both love the adventure, the unknown, the difficult and unforeseen situations..... We have been traveling this year together in India, we are happy people, we escape from the drama and the negativity, we are fun, positive, we like to collaborate, to cook and fortunately we do not get sick at sea. :) Our reasons to crew on boat is discover other cultures, and challenge other points of view. Actually We know the enjoyment is in action to discover, not in the thing is already discovered. We need adventure, new challenges and unexpected events (calm seas do not make skillful sailors) fully enjoy life,. We like let life be and be in the present moment with happy people. NO DRAMAS PLEASE! Life is easy and beautiful! we all deserve be happy and be in peace and when something wrong happen just let it be, it is what it is. we choose simplicity in the way of life and happiness that is an inside job. Wish you trust in us.