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Franklin Park, New Jersey, USA
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I am a novice sailor with some overnight passage experience. I have enjoyed sailing since my first short journey on family vacation, but I have not had much time to try to seriously sail until now. I have recently graduated university with a degree in Physics and I look forward to spending some part of my life trying the liveaboard lifestyle. Besides sailing, I enjoy computer programming and open source, skating, and piano playing. I have recently completed purchase of the Bayfield 29 sailing vessel. I plan to sail it south from Trenton across lake Ontario to Oswego. Here the mast will be stepped, and most of the remaining journey will be a relaxed trawl through the NY canal system. Depending on scheduling and practicality, I will either re-step the mast once we exit the canals to sail to the final destination, or just motor the rest of the way to a central NJ marina. I am open to stops along the way in the canals to keep it fun.