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2007-02-10 17:37:37 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 2814
Sailor Name: Kelvin Meeks
Gender: male
Age: 45
Current Location:
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Local Info Volunteer: Yes
Main Activity: DistantCruise
Nationality: USA
Looking for crew position? No
Boat(s) On file: Renaissance (1123)
Crew Ad Title:
Available to help skipper or crew on deliveries
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Update February 2007

I'm heading back to Mexico for another sailing season. Initial plans are to cruise from February to May or June.

Update October 2005

It has been an interesting year. I have traveled quite a bit - a trip to St. Kitts., Antigua, Trinidad, New York City, Beirut Lebanon, Karachi Pakistan, several trips to Mexico to check on Renaissance, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Miami.

Live is good. I'm enjoying new adventures - and look forward to another voyage in 2006.

I'm a competent skipper - having proven my chops by single-handing my 32 ft. Islander on a 5 month voyage in 2004 to Mexico. I have experience maintaining my own boat - and look forward to opportunities to crew / skipper for others. I am a good navigator - and a cautious skipper.

During my 5 month voyage I did not experience any sea sickness.

"Have Passport - Will Travel"

My three priorities during a voyage:

  • #1 - Safety of the crew
  • #2 - Safety of the vessel
  • #3 - Comfort of the crew
  • What did I learn on my voyage?

  • I love the sailing life
  • Renaissance performed very reliably...she can handle some dicey conditions better than her skipper!
  • I can cruise on about $900 per month (very luxuriously)...or get by for around $250-350 a month.
  • 32 ft. is big enough - but it would be nice to have a bit more
  • A hard bottom dinghy is a GOOD outboard for it is VITAL
  • It would have been a great mental comfort to have had installed a wind steering vane before on an electrical auto-pilot always made me uncomfortable when on a multi-day passage..especially when I tried to sleep.
  • I should have installed a wind generate(!!!) - would have eliminated the need to run the engine at night to keep the batteries charged (as the auto-pilot kept busy)...and would have allowed me a bit of luxury with running the refrigerator every day.
  • A ssb radio would have given me a great deal of comfort when I wanted to ask someone ahead about developing weather conditions
  • a radar would have been very handy on overcast, moonless nights - when I couldn't make out whether inky darkness ahead was a ship, a cloud, or a storm front
  • I wish that my integral water tank had been replaced - to provide a reliable internal water storage capacity...I used three 5-gallon plastic jerry not as convenient...and it cluttered the deck a bit
  • Spam on crackers taste really good after 2 days at sea!
  • The tuna from the .99 store in LA was delicous!...after 3 days at sea

  • I've lived in many places: Seattle, Washington D.C., Little Rock Arkansas, Sydney Australia, London England, Frankfurt Germany, Warsaw Poland, - and have enjoyed traveling to many other places: Hong Kong, Mexico, France, Czech Republic, Hawaii, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Bermuda - and of course, all over the U.S.

    I'm the skipper of S/V Renaissance, a 1971 32 ft. Islander yacht, sloop rigged, manufactured by Wayfarer Yacht corporation in Costa Mesa, California.

    I'm a certified open water diver - and have completed the American Sailing Association #101 (Basic Keel Boat), and #103 (Coastal Cruising) certifications.

    I have also completed the Coast Guard Auxiliary Basic and Advanced Coastal Navigation classes.

    My professional career is in the world of Information Technology - with a long history of international experience.

    I enjoy playing the guitar - and can pass muster as a reasonable cook when need be.

    January-May 2004: Cruising Pacific Coast of Mexico and Sea of Cortez

    Spent a season sailing from L.A. to Mexico...cruised the Pacific Baja coastline to Cabo San Lucas - then up into the Sea of Cortez...with a long rest in La Paz. Explored Isla Spiritos Santos. Sailed across the Sea to Mazatlan and ended the season at Marina Mazatlan.

    August 2002 - December 2003: Redondo Beach / Santa Monica Bay, California

    I lived aboard Renaissance in the King Harbor Marina, C-dock, slip #33

    Enjoyed many weekends sailing Santa Monica Bay - and a few trips to Catalina Island.