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2018-03-11 13:15:21 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 28099
Sailor Name: Kaleb
Gender: male
Age: 20
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Willow, United States, USA
Local Info Volunteer: No
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Nationality: United States
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Looking for Adventure and Sailing Opportunities
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To whom it concerns, I'm a 20 year old traveler currently orienting my life around investing in myself through exploring and learning as much as I possibly can. My hope for 2018 is to accumulate as much sailing experience and adventure as possible while exploring and crossing the Carribean and/or Pacific Ocean. I currently am in Alaska, committed to training dogs for the Iditarod until April, and will complete a Basic Training maritime course mid-April, which shall satisfy all STCW and CFR requirements. I am currently set to arrive in Panama the 30th of April with the objective of finding sailing opportunities across the Pacific, or to Colombia. However, I have the freedom to cancel my flight to Panama, and fly to any adventure that catches my interest. Another hope of mine is to explore and cross the Carribean. If I can, I will. A little about me: I'm an incredibly reliable and hard worker with a great attitude as well as a fast learner, which I can back up with references in varying industries. I am organized, have excellent interpersonal skills, cook, clean, and make it a point to not make the same mistake twice. Last year I traveled Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Columbia while backpacking extremely minimally (homelessly), and structured my trip around hiking aloneness in the Andes. Adventure is calling again for 2018, and I hope to gain as much experience as possible, sailing. Backpacking, farming, hiking, health, sled dog training, working with my hands, and learning languages are what I am currently most passionate about. Sailing, diving, rock climbing, surfing, building, philosophy, photography, psychology, and language learning are just some of what I hope to spend the year of 2018 exploring and learning. Again, I have the mobility to fly to any opportunity that catches my interest. Experiencing a sailing adventure must be checked off my list!!. Please consider and respond to this advert with any questions you may have, and details concerning your voyage. I truly believe I can offer something to everyone. I look forward to future communication with whomever reads this. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, -Kaleb Trunnell