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2017-12-14 18:27:58 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 27853
Sailor Name: Paolo.Digennaro16
Gender: male
Age: 35
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
Miami, Florida, USA
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: DistantCruise
Nationality: Italy
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Hello everyone, My name is Paolo, and I am a good chef who specializes in italian food. The wanderlust has got me. I'm traveling from 1 year in Us and Mexico but I am open to exploring new opportunities anywhere. My most recent placements have been onboard photography, snorkeling and wilderness charters. I'm currently serving fine dining on a restaurant located in Miami, Florida. My duties include: - Provisioning, prepping, cooking and serving meals plus snacks and dessert for guests. - Being the hostess for our guests. - Instructing and assisting guests. - Keeping the boat tidy while we have guests onboard and deep cleaning between groups - Helping the captain and mate with basic deckhand duties, keeping the decks clean I'd like to try a boat experience since I'm a goal-oriented person, eager to learn the sail. My intention was never to travel for free, I volunteer my time to help the crew with their works. I would learn the sailing and offer my support in exchange for helping, taking a guard duty, cooking, cleaning and boat maintenance. I do not drink or smoke, but I don't mind others doing so. I can teach you italian or just entertain you with my stories. I have sailed a very short time, I wanna know the basics and learn fast. I have the ability to befriend people of all ages and from all walks of life. I enjoy getting to know new people and forming connections with the people I feed. I am tidy, respectful, and try my best to maintain an upbeat attitude. I love to eat delicious food, have a laugh with friends, and generally just enjoy life. My biggest areas of interest trying a sailing chance for future are Caribbean or French Polynesia, but I could be flexible if a great opportunity presents itself. I'd like to join the crew and I'm happy to offer my energy services as a sidekick deckhand. I should be so grateful to him if y