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2017-11-13 18:19:29 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor Name: Darren
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Cairns, Queensland, Australia
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Now living on my Lightwave 38 sailing catamaran , I am looking for future crew ( female) who may like to get in firstly with some social sailng , then possibly some serious cruising . I have personally sailed the Puddle Jump /South Pacific and could do this again easily , however with the Aisia,s so close , I could just as easily cruise around a little there. Saying this, if work constrains us to AU for awhile. No problem with topping up the kitty! I would ideally like someone who is keen to learn if not sailed much previously, and realises that a little effort on a cruising yacht , goes a long way . I would prefer someone clean/tidy , non smoker , fun to be around , but also realises times can sometimes be tuff on a boat. I always wanted to learn a bit of yoga/ Thai chi etc. My bucket list could also involve learning to surf . I am a social drinker that enjoys most aspects of the cruising lifestyle. The walks ashore, the happy hours, the new places ,. The people. If you have any interest in joining me , please contact and ask any further questions. I look forward to meeting you . Cheers Darren