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2017-09-01 22:26:05 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 27122
Sailor Name: Lucie
Gender: female
Age: 24
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
Port Vila, Vanuatu, new zealand, Vanuatu
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: DistantCruise
Nationality: czech republic
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Crew Ad Title:
Ahoj! Willing to help you with everything on a boat :)
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Ahoj and Kia Ora, My name is Lucie, I am from Prague - Czech Republic but currently working and traveling in New Zealand. I and my friend Alex from Italy are going to Vanuatu on September 8th and we would love to find a friend to sail with around local islands. What can we offer? I am experienced in cooking and love baking too so it would be a pleasure to cook for you. I am also experienced, caregiver and know how to take care of children, people in needs or pets. Both, I and my friend Alex are super friendly easy going people. Alex is a comedian, he is super fun and we are laughing a lot so you won't get bored with us. We are both in excellent physical condition willing to help with everything on the boat. We would love to learn how to sail and buy a boat one day. :) It would be nice to meet you please let me know if you are sailing around Vanuatu. Cheers, Lucie and Alex