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2017-08-30 19:27:01 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 26685
Sailor Name: Christian
Gender: male
Age: 34
Email:  [non-public]
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Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: DistantCruise
Nationality: Germany
Looking for crew position? Yes
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searching for a boat to crew on for an atlantic crossing
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Hey guys Its always been a dream of mine to cross the atlantic. Coming from a family of sailors the whispers of the sea were always present, passive aggressively forcing me to listen. My uncle, who teaches nautical courses, fulfilled my wish when i was 18 and took me on a cruise around the Ijsselmeer, Netherlands. I was instantly hooked. The slow pace, sitting on the front, sailing into nothing but water and sun. Well, sailing is not a romantic poem, which brings up vomit in the interior of my mouth…it s still beautiful though….:), the atlantic ocean different to a glorified bathtub which is the dutch bosom(even though apparently the oceans waves travel between american and the european african coasts like they do in a bathtub, meandering soundwaves on the largest hearing membrane). I learned some more necessary skills on a week course in the southern danish sea. Going around with a group of people who were doing their practical sailing exams, we spent the week learning and trying out the basic manoveurs of sailing. Even though i was not to be tested i took part and practiced the different aspects myself. It s years ago though! And thats as much as i have to offer when it comes to sailing. I could go on with cliche phrases like i am a quick learner, but that has been written too often to hold any value. What i am willing to do is: Give all i have to fulfill this dream and make the boat get there. May it be with dishwashing(one of my favourite jobs actually), cooking meals that dont taste good, but give the necessary energy to move on, i could teach spanish, as i have lived in south america for long, speaking spanish is recommended for everyone who wishes to penetrate latin culture on a deeper level( you really just have to learn the right swear words, as in most languages to bond)…and so on. I am happy to do whatever is requested and pay my share if it doesnt exceed 15 Euro per day(i worked as a music teacher)! I will probably have a guitar on me and in a circle of appreciation it could totally be used. If i sense that it is not welcome i have her banned in the belly of the ship(without too much drama though). Teachings on the guitar, music theory and history and so on might be extended even though i dont favor the mode of teaching, rather conversation and improvisation. So enough pseudo intellectual self representation. If you are in for a laugh: Greetings and good voyage Christian