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Sailor ID: 26556
Sailor Name: Jurandhabuda
Gender: male
Age: 37
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, , Poland
Local Info Volunteer: Yes
Main Activity: Mixed
Nationality: Eu
Looking for crew position? Yes
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mile builder looking for job :)
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Tell: +48 534 706 067 Email: Date of birth 16/05/1980 Nationality Polish (schengen) Languages spoken English, German, a bit Russian Marital status Single No tattoos PROFILE The happiest man is the one who does what he loves and I just realized that I love to sail. I am a better person on a yacht and my passion can draw others. A man of passions, responsible and disposable, economically viable, communicative and friendly. In the future I'm going to gain experience to become a Yachtmaster. EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS • Inland Skipper - 2010 • Yacht Skipper - (hull length up to 18 meters in all sea waters) • Power Yacht Skipper - (hull length up to 18 meters in all sea waters) • SRC/RYA - • STCW95 - valid 2021 • Certificate of Proficiency in Security-aweareness • Medica Certificate - valid 2019 YACHTING EXPERIENCE Not counting minor inland cruises, below the list of my annual cruises on " Mazury " lakes ( c.a 100nm each ) 2010 Yacht Antila 24' - Skipper 2011 Yacht Melody 30' - Skipper 2012 Yacht Tes 32' - Skipper 2013 Yacht Cobra 33' - Skipper 2014 Yacht Twister 800 - Skipper 2015 Yacht Maxus 33' - Skipper 2016 Yacht Antila 27' - Skipper I was responsible for everything from yacht charter through the purchase of food planning activities and safety of my crew. 2016 - To proceed with the exam for skipper I needed 200 hours of experience at sea, this time as part of training i entered the port "Gdańsk" (Delphia 47') the largest and busiest Polish port at night. 2017 - Cyclades 50.5 - 2nd Skipper (500nm with guests on board) ADDITIONAL SKILLS • Heavy machinery removal expert • Service handling equipment: Cranes-portable • Service handling equipment: Platforms • Service handling equipment: Stationary cranes • Service handling equipment: Forklifts • Driver licence: cars, bikes (very experienced) INTERESTS • Sailing :), Windsurfing, Wakeboarding • Scientific literature • International policy • Racing classic cars • MMA and Boxing