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2017-03-24 12:33:44 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 26274
Sailor Name: Ludisuska
Gender: female
Age: 44
Email:  [non-public]
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, , Slovak Republic
Local Info Volunteer: Yes
Main Activity: CoastalCruise
Nationality: EU/USA
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Long term sailing with smile :)
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Ahoy! Well, if you do and looking for adventurous, bubbly mature young lady to keep you company,I am here and available to sail to unknown places.Matter of fact, I really want to.l was thinking to consider paid position even ,since l have lots of experience in hospitality industry, customer service and sales. But not with boats. I prefer longer trips, I am free entire summer plus.. Wrapped up my life on land from hectic life to experience freedom,power of seas and life of cruising. I am looking for like minded people 40-55 who like to have fun, spontaneous, like to explore,enjoy life but folks that are responsible, respectful and mature. Why sailboat? There is something about them that's has deeply impacted me in last few years. I have always love travels, low key. I have lived aboard of Morgan 38 sailboat for almost a full year 2015-16, cruising Bahamas and Exumas. I have never sailed in Europe and would like to see it from the water.I am currently in Europe. I enjoy cooking and made some really good meals aboard even baked bread.I helped with boat maintenance, planned and did all provisioning myself, organized and stacked up on things needed, made new cushions for entire cock pit and made and repaired also few flags,worked and helped with lots of boat projects and upgrades before we took off cruising, help with docking, anchoring,line handling trimming and sailing-still need lot to learn there :) I am also all about sustainability,conservation and nature/wild life protection that's why I love sailing too. Powered by nature off we go! I am creative, super resourceful and industrious, glass half way full person. I don't get sea sick, have no allergies, enjoy eating fresh seafood and have no diet restriction. I cannot scuba due to both ears surgery, sometimes you have to speak up because my hearing isn't 100%. Prefer healthy food and somewhat active lifestyle, long walks or hikes or just stroll on the beach by myself. I do swim and like snorkel.But I am not fanatic about fitness and total health freak either.Enjoy eating and cooking new foods😊 I collect sea glass and sea shells and make jewelry and that is my one on one meditation by myself on the beach.I enjoy taking photos, walking around unknown places, see and capture small details in the nature . I am extrovert and I've bubbly outgoing personality,like to meet and be around people,I 've been told that I am very funny. I tent to always do something! However, some good book for me, and piece of quiet with glass of wine or not is essential. I have no tolerance for smoking of any kind, drugs and drunks and mostly human ignorance. I am not fan of all over body tattoos, piercing, big gold chains and show off or expensive clothes /gadgetry either. Life on the water is simple and that's why I like it. Being close to nature. I am also clean and like clean people and clean boats. I understand showers are sometimes luxury item but personal hygiene is basic skill you should practice :) I love dogs and cats, good down to earth people and kids. Friendships are good and they last long time for me... Thanks for reading.