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Sailor ID: 26181
Sailor Name: Mateusz
Gender: male
Age: 25
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
Les Trois-ĂŽLets, Martinique, , Martinique
Local Info Volunteer: Yes
Main Activity: CoastalCruise
Nationality: Polish
Looking for crew position? Yes
Boat(s) On file:
Crew Ad Title:
Polish in Martinique looking for opportunities
Website URL:

My name is Mateusz and I'm 25 years old. I come from Poland. Currently I live in Martinique I am looking for opportunities to explore the surrounding islands. I'm quiet, easy-going and hard working. I have sailed more than 5000 nm as a crew. I've crossed Atlantic Ocean in April 2015 on Lagoon 450 -St Maarten to Sardinia. I was working as a deckhand on Lagoon 450 in Sardinia for summer. After that I didn't sail - so I have to refresh my knowledge. I own Certificate Of Competency Of Yacht Skipper issued by Polish Yacht Association - operate sailing yachts of hull length up to 18 meters which may be equipped with an auxiliary power drive in all sea waters. Certificate Of Competency Of Motorboat Skipper issued by Polish Motorboat And Water Ski Association - operate motorboats of hull length up to 18 meters in all sea waters. STCW A-VI/1-1,2,3,4, Basic Safety Training - issued by Maritime Office in Gdynia, Poland Short Range Certificate issued by Royal Yachting Association - VHF DSC, VHF only