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2017-02-06 03:40:28 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 26005
Sailor Name: Oriol29
Gender: male
Age: 34
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: DistantCruise
Nationality: Spain
Looking for crew position? Yes
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I am ready to learn
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Hello, My name is Oriol and I'm from Terrassa, a medium size town close to Barcelona. I am passionate about food, wine, coffee, musicology, history, anthropology, wildlife (amongst others) and overall passionate about learning new things and developing personal meaningful bonds, which is what life is about, in my opinion. I am an easy going guy and I treat people with at least the respect I want to be treated with. After finishing my masters degree, I flew from Barcelona to Chennai last October. I left India after my 3 months visa expired. Currently in Malaysia. I studied telecommunications engineering, a postgraduate degree in sonology, a masters degee in music as an interdisciplinary art and... yes, I want some action. I worked basically as a waiter, barista, head waiter, teacher, tree planter, woodcutter, gardener, in communication and production of musical events and as a telecommunications engineer. I lived in Terrassa, Stockholm, Montreal and Barcelona. I travelled mostly around Europe, Morocco, Mexico and Central America before this trip to Asia. I am looking forward to learning new hands-on skills. Mostly interested in sailing, woodworking, engine functioning and repairing, making and repairing wooden musical instruments, wine elaboration, cheese elaboration, cooking, gastronomy in general. And open to any new interesting challenges. When I was travelling around Mexico and Central America about 3 years ago I though about boat hitch hiking but never tried hard as I was not alone and the plans followed another direction. Back in Barcelona I read about it. A good friend of mine in Montreal did it some times and had amazing experiences. Also, a couchsurfer that I hosted and has become a friend, she was travelling around the world by boat hitch hiking since 2 years ago. Of course I asked her thousands of questions about it and every answer made my interest grow deeper. She even taught me how to tie a bowline knot ! I am good at communicating and listening. I am a fast learner. I am good at savouring gastronomical experiences and being grateful. I can do a handstand without a push. I can play Blackbird and Julia by The Beatles with my small guitar (just learning, list will grow). I am able to respect everybody's silence without feeling unconfortable at all. I enjoy silence as much as a nice conversation deppending on the situation. It's about balance. I think I am a team player, respectful, tidy and fit enough to take part in any boat crew. I know sailing must be hard sometimes, not only physically but mentally. Sharing a small space can be challenging. More if weather and sea conditions do not accompany. But for sure it can also be at least as much rewarding. I want to feel the ocean's immensity around me, be on watch under a sea of stars and fully understand the meaning of land ahoy. I do hope I can learn to sail with you :)