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2018-05-11 22:46:52 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 24546
Sailor Name: Cazzzia
Gender: female
Age: 54
Current Location:
Suva Fiji, Hawaii, USA
Local Info Volunteer: Yes
Main Activity: Maritime
Nationality: USA
Looking for crew position? Yes
Boat(s) On file:
Crew Ad Title:
In Fiji now looking for day or more sailing!
Website URL:

Ocean Lover
SWF loves Fiji and sailing, warm water, cheap prices! Loving blue water ocean travel and adventure, great beaches and great get aways! Experienced sailor wants to travel the world! Any crew position wanted, diving, or day sails, cooking, cleaning, helping, charters! Experience in all areas, with painting, sanding, decorating, love it! From Kauai Hawaii USA, traveling over 60 countries so far! I am in Fiji now and would love to help with day sails or overnight sailing! I love Fiji for the beauty and the prices half of the USA.