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2018-02-19 07:14:39 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 23942
Sailor Name: Adeline1610
Gender: female
Age: 38
Email:  [non-public]
Current Location:
Canada, Singapore, Singapore
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: Liveaboard
Nationality: Singapore
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Dive instructor looking to learn to sail!
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Everyone starts somewhere don't they? I am a 38-year old experienced dive instructor (as well as a hiking and climbing guide), looking for her first sailing-only experience. Armed with a never-say-die attitude, easy-going and laid back personality, I am hoping to find my next big adventure in the warm waters of the Pacific. I have no fixed dwelling or job, and can travel anywhere, anytime the wind blows. Pros: Happy-go-lucky, positive, adaptable, flexible, comfortable on and below the water, decent cook, clean and acceptably tidy Cons: Mechanically challenged, no sailing experience