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2015-03-19 05:05:33 (Vancouver Time)
Sailor Description
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Sailor ID: 20942
Sailor Name: Cruisincanucks
Gender: couple
Age: 57
Current Location:
Mexico, British Columbia, Canada
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: CoastalCruise
Nationality: Canada
Looking for crew position? No
Boat(s) On file: N/A (3411)
Crew Ad Title:
Mexico: Looking for full-time livaboard young couple
Website URL:

This might be your opportunity. We need either a young first mate or couple capable of spending most of their time on the boat. We would have them sail from area and area and meet them for some day sailing etc. We are very knowledgeable and want to pass the opportunity on to a young couple. If you are interested in the details please contact us via email and then we can skype.