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2016-10-21 12:21:39 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 20765
Sailor Name: Disperser.Wolf
Gender: male
Age: 48
Current Location:
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: other
Nationality: Eeuu
Looking for crew position? No
Boat(s) On file: Disperser (3398)
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Want To Be Crew...
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I am a human being, looking for others. But be aware, you are most likely not human yourself. Humans are empathetic, think for themselves, and are not controlled by their ego. The reason the planet is dying is that our "masters" have prevented us from achieving our potential because the world is run by psychopaths, people not even able to be called human, and they have destroyed your very humanity.

To survive the coming mess the diseased masses of this planet have created, one must be fully prepared. This means planning for any eventuality. A life lived on a large sailboat is perfectly suited to surviving anything that might be coming as it is a life that requires self-sufficiency of the highest degree. Sailing then is ideal as a sailor must be self sufficient, and a poor sailor has a better chance than a lazy, rich sailor...

Considering that I raised myself, I consider myself quite well suited to a life as captain of a small band of sailors. Given my extensive and generalized background, and especially considering I already held competence in all disciplines related to my ship, I am quite suited to being a captain of a large sailing vessel.

I should qualify my statement, as I did have help achieving what few other human beings alive today have, my full potential. I was helped by the same means we learned how to be human, by learning empathy from wolves. In my case, the family dog played the role my psychopathic parents would have had they not been psychopaths. So I do tend to have some canine characteristics in my personality.

I have left the US and am waiting for a weather window to get to sail south, likely to the Pacific Islands where I will search for an ideal location to complete major work to my vessel. I hope to find someone empathetic who is interested in learning about sailing, would like help finding and preparing their own, and who might consider a life with me, and who would welcome the opportunity to try the life out while waiting to head south.

My overall goal is to form my family. My future will be a human future, in that we will live as wolves taught us, a means of living well suited to life on a sailboat where absolute trust in each other is important. I will teach my crew how to achieve this level of trust, and we will survive whatever comes. Our living like wolves will include many aspects far removed from what most believe is "normal," but in todays crazy world, perhaps normal isn't such a good idea.

If you are interested, contact me, if not, forget everything you just read, or you will be haunted by it as your life disintegrates as America falls. This ad expires when the collapse reaches the point where it becomes obvious even to the ignorant masses. I seek the best of you, not those stubbornly hoping to continue to live an unsustainable, destructive lifestyle.