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Sailor ID: 2000
Sailor Name: SailRN
Gender: male
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Seven Oaks, South Carolina, USA
Local Info Volunteer: Yes
Main Activity: Mixed
Nationality: USA
Looking for crew position? Yes
Boat(s) On file: S/V Savor Grace (3395)
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Registered Nurse sailor for crew, deliveries, passage.
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Recently completed sailboat deliveries Bermuda to NYC and Connecticut to Antigua. Previously employed aboard Hatteras Motor Yacht, 20 m, where I was hired as medical, but also worked on diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing chart plotter, radios, engine instrumentation, IT and video monitors. Also as mate and deckhand. I'm looking for employment, (USCG MMC) but will volunteer for rallies, short hops, etc., expenses paid or other, such as time aboard at destination, usually a week or so. Medical: Trauma (TNCC), Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Advanced Burn Life Support, Advanced Stroke Life Support, others. Registered Nurse. Amateur radio extra class licensed. Electronics technician (Nuclear in US Navy). General Radiotelephone Operator License + RADAR (PG, includes MP privileges), GMDSS Maintainer/Operator + RADAR FCC licenses. IT experience. Mechanical abilities. SCUBA (PADI) open water certified. Private pilot trained, including ground school, not licensed. CDL A license (the biggest trucks on the road). Valid USA passport. Part One, Dear Shipmates (introduction): Hello! Thank you for your time and consideration reading this. I've had nearly a lifelong interest in sailing and being around the water. Around the age of 12 I built a removable Marconi rig assembly which fit over the oar locks in my Dad's small Jon boat. I have read much material and watched many training videos and seek opportunities to learn more by way of experience. I reason well and learn quickly, and am responsible and reliable. I enjoy life and have a good sense of humor, but absolutely know when to be serious. I am always learning and seeking knowledge and wisdom. Multidisciplinary studying is an activity I enjoy and helps me be well-rounded, but there is so much more to learn! I don't do drugs, have no use for them or the people that abuse them. I don't drink excessively, usually less than a drink per month, though sometimes a little more. I don't smoke cigarettes because they stink, but I may smoke a pipe or a good cigar occasionally. I value integrity and honestly, hard work and good discipline, and honor. I try to be clear in my expectations and communications and hope that being upfront will avoid misunderstandings. Part Two, A little about myself, my interests and my plans: After high school I went into the navy where I learned electronics (communications, HF, VHF, UHF, FM repeaters, servos, TACAN, ship's inertial navigation system) and nuclear reactors. After the navy I went to work in a factory as an electronics technician troubleshooting computers and programming automated test equipment. I soon founded and operated an IT company specializing in systems integration and in most aspects of the IT field. After over twenty years doing that I changed careers and became first an emergency medical technician and then a registered trauma nurse. I soon was a travel nurse working in emergency departments, intensive care units, and hospital administration. I can cook, was a single parent of two children. As a travel nurse I pulled a 32' (9.75 m) travel trailer and have lived in it for several years now; I am accustomed to tight spaces and watching the house battery level. I also watch very closely my water consumption. I remain involved in technology and hold an extra class amateur radio license. I use both voice and digital modes in communication, both direct and through WinLink. I've trained and operated in Navy MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) and am currently our squadron's communications (and Search & Rescue, Emergency Services, and Health Services) officer in the Civil Air Patrol (civilian part of the Air Force). I am also a net control operator for the National Weather Service and MARS. I am the COML (Communications Unit Leader, a FEMA/OEC designation) for our state's All-Hazards Incident Management Team, Type III. I recently took courses at a local college to update and refresh my skills with computers and IT, including networking, virtual servers, exchange, SQL servers, etc. I've had a nearly lifelong interest in sailing and grew up in the water. I have a PADI (SCUBA) open-water certificate. I'm pretty good at understanding mechanical, plumbing, and electronic equipment and how they work or don't. I can use tools and test equipment, do most all of my own maintenance on the automobiles, house, travel trailer, and their systems (electrical, plumbing, A/C, and appliances). I have an EPA 609 refrigerant license for MVAC. I have completed ground school for an aircraft pilot, which included navigation, and I can read a chart. I have used dead reckoning and electronic navigation for aircraft navigation and studied navigation for boats. Back in younger days, when I was invincible, I frequently climbed a 21 m tower to see above the trees. I'm smarter now and haven't climbed in quite a while, but I expect that climbing a mast with proper equipment would be as appealing today as it was then. Part Three, My motivation and reasons to crew on a boat: In 2010 I bought a salvage and stripped trimaran cutter, my first boat. With the help of a hired captain it was "rescued" and moved from it's stranding on the ICW in Myrtle Beach via the ICW to a boatyard where it was hauled and sits, awaiting money for repairs and refitting.