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2018-08-11 10:51:47 (Vancouver Time)
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, Arizona, USA
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Offshore and island cruising experience, easy going
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I do deliveries for travel expenses. I have sailed from Trinidad to Maine, PR to Texas, FL to Bahamas, off the S. CA coast and in the Sea Of Cortez, Newport to the BVI and back over a dozen times and a two month sail down island; over 20,000 NM's total. If you are looking for experienced crew who can go forward in rough weather, climb the stick, cook , provision, stand a night watch, navigate on computer or paper charts, whip a line and fix most anything if there's a manual (sometimes without one). In excellent health. Non smoker,rarely drink, enjoy most types of music and food. I have my own gear and am ready to go!!! If you are looking for crew from 2wks to ?? weeks email me so we can see if there's a match. Right now I am landlocked no boat..that's why I am looking to crew. If you are looking for help to move your boat and will paid my travel expenses I won't let you down. PS I can and have hung upside down in a bilge or engine space while underway without throwing up...:)!!