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2006-01-07 02:48:18 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 1799
Sailor Name: Kris Steyn
Gender: male
Age: 50
Current Location:
Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: Mixed
Nationality: South Africa
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Experienced Crew N.W. Passage / Canada
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Hello , I am from Cape Town, South Africa , headed for Carribean to look at buying another boat - from wich to be based. I am still looking for any "very" north sailing, preferably around arctic circle. My idea is to do a slow circumnavigation of the 2 Americas from Cape Town South Africa , up the East coat of USA and then as best as possible, to Alaska, eventually going round the Horn and back to South Africa.

I started sailing in '83 and have experienced Tri's, Cats, Mono's - most Skipper types - etc. I have amassed a wealth of blue water experience and consider myself a competent sailor. Am healthy, non smoker, light drinker, sociable and know what to do in a galley. I can fix most things on a boat.

Consider the above and if you require company/help, contact me. Currently in Cape Town - expect to return to North America 2006

references on request

I have a multiple entry visa's for USA & Canada.