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2005-10-18 13:28:05 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 1629
Sailor Name: Corley Sevigny
Gender: female
Age: 53going 29
Email:  [non-public]
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Mazatlan, , Mexico
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: Mixed
Nationality: Canada
Looking for crew position? Yes
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I am relocating from Vancouver, Canada I would like to meet all cruisers in California who are looking for: *crew/cook/chef/ *health and or fitness trainer and fabulous specialty cook, (If this scares you, don't worry, I could care less what you do...just do not want to be criticised for what I do, but health oriented individual or work preferred) * a longterm mate, * a short or long term friend * or someone else...I love putting people and friends together ...then I want to meet you. IF, you want anything else...I still want to know as it will either crack me up or intrigue me! I study: Spanish, computers, health, fishing, chefry, and want to get my scuba ticket, plus my intructor's. My pix on 7 knots are lousy...please email me for... * resume for up to 30,000 miles * much better pix I am 54, a gemini, blonde, 5'2", cute, slim, smart, N/S, N/D (except on occasion) N/drugs (don't mind if you do a bit of pot), former business person. I do not look like a heavy weather sailor, but I am! I did own my own 30' boat for ten years, she was well equipped, and I loved navigating the tricky west coast of BC, Canada. I travel extensively and sail extensively (I work my way around). I have crossed the Pacific & Atlantic oceans, and have done the west coast of North and Central America 5 times. Now I will be learning all about the Caribbean and all those beautiful islands. Next the Med. I love doing passages and I prefer to crew instead of looking for a relationship, but like most everyone would like to meet Mr. Wonderful one day. Mostly looking for deliveries, sometimes I do deliveries for airfare only, sometimes choose to coastal cruise as a companion. I know a lot, have teaching experience, but I want to know more, everything. I am also available to teach skippers & crew how to use electronic charts, how to bareboat charter, coastal cruise or make a first time passage. More info, resume, references and good pix on request, the pix on geocities are intermittent and not very good. Have a great day and hope to hear from you, Corley This winter, 2004-2005, because of my father's poor health, I took up my second passion again, skiing. I skied 5-6 days per week. And delivered fresh made carrot juice bi-daily to my father (his recovery was dramatic!). Then in January, I broke one ankle and severely sprained the other...temporary end to skiing and crewing. April 2005. Helped provision and do repairs for a boat destined for 5 months for Alaska. May 2005 I was heading to the US Virgins, but customs problems arose (another result of 9/11), headed back to Vancouver, Canada June 2005 Will continue with update in a couple of days In April, 2003 I completed a 14 day non-stop from St Thomas, US Virgin Islands to New York City, as First Mate. I received EXCELLENT REFERENCES for a job well done. I returned to Vancouver for a few weeks, now off sailing to Florida and plan to do charters this winter in the Virgin Islands, I have many friends there.