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2012-04-22 00:14:21 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor Name: Captainsteelboard
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Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA
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20 yrs., 60,000 miles, 3 oceans, 2 sea's, 20 nations, a thousand isles, and live to see another day WHEW the tales of the deep sea (Aulani) with life, breathe, joy and hello hospitality (Aloha). Anyways lots of sea experience but ever learning still. Check Arr Jo out on facebook. I posted some pics, video, basic info there. I'm not a savvy online guy. Simply into the adventures of real life and friend to real people. An ole school young capn who still believes captain's are first and foremost on a mission, requiring royal character though honestly flawed : ), a leader in crisis who knows well his ship and crew, friend in heart yet unwavering in the pursuit.