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2018-09-14 04:42:00 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 12526
Sailor Name: Wille
Gender: male
Age: 31
Current Location:
Turku, Varsinais-Suomi, Finland
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: DistantCruise
Nationality: Finland
Looking for crew position? Yes
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Experienced Finnish sailor for ARC 2018 or similar
Website URL:én-212654114/

Mid-Atlantic on board TS Bark Europa
I am a professional boat-builder and sailor from Finland, who has also just graduated as a yacht design engineer / naval architect with a first class degree from Solent University in Southampton, UK. I love being out at the sea and have worked as mate/deckhand/carpenter on several yachts/sailing ships between 60 and 150ft. and also on smaller motor vessels both in my native country of Finland and abroad over the last 5-6 years. Currently aiming to get more into engine rooms duties, as that is what interests me greatly, but I equally enjoy working on the deck as well. I am positive and hard-working guy, with very calm nature and always aiming to keep the things shipshape and everybody on board in mind while working. Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge on yacht systems, woodworking with boats and general maintenance, so definitely not afraid of getting my hands dirty. At the moment, I am looking for a winter adventure away from the computer aided design and preferably on the water in order to gain more experience on the sailing yachts and the ‘realworld’ of them. Crossing Atlantic by sail before the end of year 2018 is currently my main aim, but I would definitely consider other trips & boarding locations too.