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2016-12-27 14:21:17 (Vancouver Time)
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Sailor ID: 1215
Sailor Name: Efraim Schwartz
Gender: male
Age: 62
Current Location:
Paramus, New Jersey, USA
Local Info Volunteer: No
Main Activity: DistantCruise
Nationality: Israel / USA
Looking for crew position? No
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Crew Ad Title:
Expense sharing crew for Pacific "Milk Run"
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I am a member of the Schwartz family team which in the past included Moshe (My father, Aliza (our self built yacht named after my late mother) and Nogga (My oldest daughter). We are now in process of repair and maintenance on Aliza and getting ready for our next adventure a 4/5 years pacific milk run. In 2003 we finished our first circumnavigation started in Israel in 1994 and if you need more info look at the yacht Aliza entry # 705 and the sailor Moshe # 1197 In 2005/6 I sailed Aliza with Nogga and other expense sharing crew from Israel to the USA. In 2014/2016 we sail Aliza from NYC to Israel and back. Aliza is now �on the hard� (Sailor word for in dry dock = on land storage) and we expect a 9 month effort that will bring her back to her �better then new� condition. Aliza will sail from NYC to Panama and the Pacific in October 2017. For more details do a search on "Sailing Yacht Aliza"