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Captain Log ID: 993
Title: Sea Sprite In Rio Dulce
Boat Name(Id): Sea Sprite ( 2454)
Sailor Name(Id): Hans-M. Fruergaard ( 6446)
Geo Region: Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Date of Occurance: 2007-07-15
Latitude: N 15º   39.6'
Longitude: W 89º   0.06'
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Part 4: Our experiences as a live aboard cruising family:

At 04 July 2007, our world as a cruising family changed abruptly from happiness to a deep sorrow and sadness. Kenneth our son and youngest crew member fell by an accident into the water from the nearby dock to “Sea Sprite’s” slip position. All peoples in the marina tried their best to locate or find Kenneth in the 6 meter deep water; but due to the poor visibility and the strong current in the water, Kenneth’s body was not found before 45 minutes later.

No words can describe the great grief, pain and sadness Carmen and I passed through after this terrible and tragic accident. Kenneth was the little sunshine in our family. He was always happy and full of life with the most wonderful smile in the world. Why God took him away from us is very difficult to understand and the answer might never be given us. We know death is part of life, and we have learned, that life will go on, yet not in the same way, and that perspective changes after the loss of the ones we love.

The next days were all addressed to the arrangements for the funeral of Kenneth. We decided to cremate the body and the only place in Guatemala where that is possible was in Guatemala City. The authorities and local peoples in Rio Dulce, Livingston and Guatemala City were all very helpful and understanding with the preparations and paperwork necessary. The funeral ceremony and cremation was therefore already performed 2 days later at 6 July 2007.

We pray for Kenneth’s soul. We pray to God to have mercy on Kenneth; we pray that God will take good care of our little child.

The next question to arise is what to do now? Stop our cruising life, sell “Sea Sprite” and go back to Cartagena? Or stay in Rio Dulce until the end of the Hurricane Season and then continue our planned voyage?

We decided to wait with an answer to this question and initially leave “Sea Sprite” alone for a while and make an inland travel to Lago de Atilán. This will give us a respite to thoughts in private under new surroundings and an opportunity to sort out our feelings, memories and our future life without Kenneth beside us.