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Captain Log ID: 99
Title: The Launch of Gem
Boat Name(Id): Gem of Whitby ( 43)
Sailor Name(Id): Bob Turnbull ( 122)
Geo Region: Brighton, Sussex, UK
Date of Occurance: 2001-05-20
Latitude: N 50º   49.2'
Longitude: W 0º   8.4'
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The launch of Gem took place at 22.30hrs on 20th May 2001. On checking all the sea cocks and fittings whilst still in the hoist, but afloat, I was devastated to notice that the rudder gland was leaking water into the aft locker at a serious rate. I had no option but to abandon the launch and go back on the hard to investigate the problem. The next day I started to search for the fault, which was soon found to be a small area of the fitting that had not been sealed with silicon at the factory. After all the holes I had made in Gem, the one thing I did not do myself was to fit the rudder and this was the cause of my disappointment at seeing gallons of sea water entering Gem at the launch.

I have had a few e-mail's asking why I named my yacht “Gem of Whitby”. Gem was my late mothers initials and Whitby is also famous for its “Jet” jewellery, as my yacht is the only Warrior built in black, its seems appropriate. Not forgetting Whitby is my favourite place on earth and my adopted home. It is my wish that my ashes are thrown from the end of Whitby pier into the sea, after my death.