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Captain Log ID: 98
Title: San Blas, Nayarit
Boat Name(Id): SAGA ( 98)
Sailor Name(Id): Nancy Birnbaum ( 421)
Geo Region: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Date of Occurance: 2000-04-18
Latitude: N 19º   48.599'
Longitude: W 105º   22.2'
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Our first anchorage after leaving PV was Punta Mita. It was quite rolly and we didn't get much sleep. I guess that's why the surfers all love it here! It is the week of "Semana Santa," the week before Easter and all of the resorts are packed with visitors from Guadalajara and further away. We stopped at the resort towns of Jaltemba and Guayabitos on the way to San Blas. The winds were out of the South for a bit, so the anchorage at Chacala was no good. We enjoyed Guayabitos, though it was crowded on the beach. There was only one other boat there - 'Reprise' from Portland, OR. We arrived back in the Estero at San Blas - 2 months to the day from our previous visit. After checking in at the Cap╠tano de Puerto, we headed over to visit with Jan Goldie. Norm is off to PV on business, so we will miss our reunion with him. I was quite taken that Jan remembered us. She even recalled that Norm promised me a Huichol sculpture and gave me a lovely deer done in their beautiful traditional yarn art. They are very sweet and I was truly touched. We are the sole vessel in the Estero this time, although there are between 6 and 8 boats out in Mantachen Bay. Most are off to Mazatlan, as we are - maĎana. Both Jann & I feel as though we are finally cruising now. And, thank goodness, nothing has broken since we left PV. We seem to have everything running smoothly and all systems are GO! We've got the 'anchor-and-get-the-dinghy-into-the-water' routine down fast! Of course, there's still some problems to solve, like the air in the fresh water system hoses which really annoys me and some grommets to put into the bimini top so that we can use the shade panels when underway. Nothing major. It's been nice returning to San Blas. We spent this morning touring around in the dink way up the Estero, It winds around and weaves in and out of town. We didn't go very far, afraid we might not be able to find our way back. We did see some fabulous bird-life. White herons, snowy egrets, lot's of frigate birds and pelicans, seagulls, even a flock of Ibis! Beautiful! Then we spotted an Osprey. Doesn't get better than this! We heard from Jan that Norm called today and said that he has yet another gift for us. I guess we'll have to pick it up on our return later this Fall. He's not due back until tomorrow evening and we want to leave early in the AM. It's on to Mazatlan for our first visit there. It should be about a 30-hr. trip. A long passage, but I feel ready. A couple days there and off across the Sea again back to La Paz, (to meet up with Lauren, Rusty and Lila.) We have heard that it's very crowded in Mazatlan. It should be even more crowded in La Paz. Oy! Punta Mita, Semana Santa, Guayabitos,Reprise