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Captain Log ID: 95
Title: And it happened -- Cape Horn abeam...
Boat Name(Id): Antica ( 132)
Sailor Name(Id): Jerzy Wasowicz ( 502)
Geo Region: Argentina, Chile
Date of Occurance: 1999-03-03
Latitude: S 56º   3.6'
Longitude: W 67º   25.8'
Sender (if email-in): sevenknots@NO_SPAM
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29 March 1999 - Monday

"And it happened, on 1st March at 17:50 under rain and with 4-5 B East wind
and temperature at 8 C we reached the right beam of Cape Horn.

We had a little party on this occasion at the deck. We had a cake, specially
prepared for this occasion, champagne and salads. First we raised the glass
to Neptune, then we had pictures and film taken. At the end of the party
there was more water than the proper content on our plates, and we had to
wring out our cake.

Taking advantage of east wind (rarity at Horn) we wanted to omit Hermite
Island and go through Mantello Strait to Beagle Channel and then to Ushuaia
in Argentina. Providence made it different and at 18:40 wind changed. The
new one came from SW at the strength 4 B and quickly rose. Nothing else was
left to do, we had to go back east and make Horn again, but this time on
left beam. At night wind strengthen to 8 B and made us to do 3 points
reefing on the mainsail. We also had to reduce our front sails, and leave
only jib on. We returned to Beagle Channel almost the same route as we
sailed to Horn i.e. between the Herschel and Deceit Islands, and next on the
east side of Island Wollaston and Paso Goree and Paso Picton. After a very
windy and full of tensions night (sailing among rocky islands), morning
turned out to be very bright, sky cloudless and wind subsided to 5 B. It was
chilly and with excellent transparency of the air snowy peaks of Tierra del
Fuego appeared in front of us - stunning view.

On the 2nd March at 14:00 we moored in Puerto Williams, the settlement
located furthermost south of the World. Here we met few boats, which had
spent last summer on Antarctica and now were going up North. We spent
pleasant evening in the club on the old Hulk by warm fireplace and beer. We
feel magnificent here among these old Antarctic stagers. We are waiting for
permission for sailing in Patagonia. Further to Ushuaia and to Magella
Strait" - Capt. Jerzy Wasowicz
Tierra del Fuego,Beagle Channel,Ushuaia