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Captain Log ID: 892
Title: Class Reunion
Boat Name(Id): Colancer ( 2292)
Sailor Name(Id): Eugene Kashpureff ( 2853)
Geo Region: Baytown, TX
Date of Occurance: 2006-09-08
Latitude: N 29º   42.6'
Longitude: W 94º   59.34'
Sender (if email-in):
Earlier log from "Colancer":  891
Newer log from "Colancer":  893
Tiki Bar And Grill
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We all slept in late this morning. It's been go, go, go since the house closing, and we all wanted some time to just lounge around the new boat.


Stir Fry replaced the forward bilge pump with a new one, and the kids hooked up their X-box to play all day in the salon. I spent a good part of the day getting back on-line and writing my log entries.


We all continued to stow away our gear. Moving into a new boat or house takes time, more so on a boat. There are still moany compartments we haven't even started to sort through.


I called Mike at Houston Yachts to let him know we hadn't found any stamped reg number on the hull, just the documented vessel number in the engine room. We went over closing details. I've ordered the USCG title search, and will be registering the vessel in Texas, as well getting a USCG documented vessel reg.


We cooked BBQ chicken on the gas grill again this evening. A sailboat came in as I was cooking, and I ran over to help grab dock lines. I met the owner, John, and Ken came out with his partner, MaryAnne. Meanwhile, I burned the chicken, again.


I took a quick shower before Stir Fri and I left the boys aboard to play Xbox while we went up to the bar and grill here to see the friday night life. There was a high school reunion being held for the local class of 1986, and they affered me up a name tag, I wrote - Eugene, Jimi Hendrix High, Class of 1982. I had attended Garfield High in Seattle 24 yrs ago.


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(c)Copyright 2006 by Eugene Kashpureff