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Captain Log ID: 817
Title: We Are Still In Ft Myers
Boat Name(Id): Talisman ( 2115)
Sailor Name(Id): Tracy Smith ( 5510)
Geo Region: Ft Myers Fl
Date of Occurance: 2006-03-05
Latitude: N 26º   0'
Longitude: W 81º   0'
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Well, It will be a week tomorrow that we have been stuck here for repairs. It seems we blew a head gasket. Maybe it will be fixed tomorrow! So far this has cost $1100, and its not over yet. I guess it could be worse. Ft Myers Beach is nice. Its not Key West. The trafic is a pain, spring break is in full swing, so its faster to walk everywhere. A friend of a friend came by last night and showed us around, it was nice to get away from the docks. Im tired of fishing, and ready to get going again. We will see what tomorrow has to bring our way. We can only hope for better luck!! Tracy & James