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Captain Log ID: 815
Title: A Third Night In Ft Myers And No End In Sight!!
Boat Name(Id): Talisman ( 2115)
Sailor Name(Id): Tracy Smith ( 5510)
Geo Region: Ft Myers Fl
Date of Occurance: 2006-03-03
Latitude: N 26º   28.019'
Longitude: W 81º   57.059'
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Newer log from "Talisman":  817
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Yes, a third night in Ft Myers. After the fuel problem was fixed, and the carb was removed and cleaned twice, now it seems that we have lost compression in the cylinders!! How does this happen? Could be a blown head gasket?? We will see what day four has in store for us. It is friday, and that's kinda scary. Bill Cook, of Hurricane Bay Marina, is an excellent mechanic and has a wealth of information about this area in general. His parents owned and ran this marina all his life and he grew up on this very spot. The parents have now retired and moved out to the country leaving Bill and his dog "Wilson" to run the place. Bill understands what it's like to be broke down where you know nobody and are at the mercy of strangers. It was a very lucky day when we came across this guy. He stopped everything he was already doing and has spent everyday trying to get us going!! He is located around the bay from the moorings, you take the second channel on the left before the big San Carlos Bridge, its next to the little bridge. Maybe we will have better luck today!! Tracy & James