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Captain Log ID: 813
Title: Still In Ft Myers!!
Boat Name(Id): Talisman ( 2115)
Sailor Name(Id): Tracy Smith ( 5510)
Geo Region: Ft Myers
Date of Occurance: 2006-03-01
Latitude: N 26º   0'
Longitude: W 81º   0'
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Newer log from "Talisman":  815
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Yes, We are still in Ft Myers. The Fuel and carb problems were well founded. There was, what looked like, 20 years of trash in the tank. 8 hrs later we are ready to start the motor, didnt start. then find that the rotor cap and distributor cap are both cracked! How does that happen??? So, We will go to napa tomorrow and get the replacement parts and maybe under way by noon!! Got to keep it positive!!! must say it is getting a little bit frustrating. The weather is great, and the local food is good. We are staying close to Marker 4? A nice restaurant. Glad we dont have to drive around here, the traffic is murder. We are going to bed early, hope to leave here soon,and hope everyone had a better day than we did!! Good sailing everyone!! Tracy & James