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Captain Log ID: 812
Title: Ft Myers , Half Way To Key West!!
Boat Name(Id): Talisman ( 2115)
Sailor Name(Id): Tracy Smith ( 5510)
Geo Region: Ft Myers
Date of Occurance: 2006-02-28
Latitude: N 26º   0'
Longitude: W 81º   0'
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Well,I wish I could report a second good day of sailing, but I'm beginnin to think the Talisman is not ready to return to the Keys. She lived there for many years with her previous owner, but again she is having fuel or carb problems. We had to call for a tow at 3pm, and finally got tied to dock at 9pm. Had to be towed a total of 13 miles thru Pine Island Sound, which just didnt seem as nice as we had pictured it. I'm sure the tow didn't help our impression of it. All in all, it could have been worse. After calling nearly every marina in the area, I was finely able to find an individual who works on the close to extinct gasoline Atomic 4. I should have realized that would be the case, when I had such a difficult time finding someone to work on it in Clearwater, who by the way, is a an excellent mech. I just can't aford to move him and his family to Key West!! Any way, Im sure I'll get the news tomorrow of what needs to be done how much it will cost. Again, It could have been alot worse than it is, gotta keep it positive!! Provided we can get the motor lined out, tomorrow we hope to make it on to Marco Island, and then make the jump to Key West by Thursday. We are all ready 2 weeks behind, whats another day or two?? We will see what else can happen!! Till tomorrow, Good sailing to all!! Tracy & James