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Captain Log ID: 715
Title: Minstrel Island
Boat Name(Id): Good Intentions ( 57)
Sailor Name(Id): Steve ( 304)
Geo Region: Knight Inlet
Date of Occurance: 2000-07-14
Latitude: N 50º   36.779'
Longitude: W 126º   18.3'
Sender (if email-in): estevew@NO_SPAM
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We left the comfortable anchorage of Port Harvey two days ago and are now at Minstrel Is. on Chatham Pass. We found the once famous resort on this island, totally abandon. The docks are public docks are still functional and along with us, there have been more than two dozen boats come and go in the past two days. I had to replace the engine alternator. Glad I had a spare. Meeting a lot of nice people and we just came from a very cordial dock party with 4 boats in attendance. Surprisingly, the weather is cool enough that I have been firing up the stove in the evenings and early morning.