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Captain Log ID: 601
Title: Ramsgate Arrival
Boat Name(Id): Florina ( 1740)
Sailor Name(Id): Maria George ( 4525)
Geo Region: Ramsgate,UK
Date of Occurance: 2005-01-01
Latitude: S 51º   0'
Longitude: W 3º   0'
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Happy 2005 to all, we are over the moon , Florina is in Ramsgate and we had our first ever sail in her , all by ourselves. Took her out 3 days ago,sailed for 3 hours in a mid winter cloudy day , and finally after meeting Blue Jackaroo with Andie and Emma onboard near B2 (RAmsgate buoy). All performed as expected (if not better) Engine run at half rpms ,producing with the help of a reaching jib and main on a starboard tack all the way as we had the NorthWesterly wind doing his thing..... The trip was testing for both me and Maria . Detrmination as i ve never witnessed before ,in the form of her on the helm,seasick and cold to the point that her system by the time we arrived was barelly funtioning keeping her alive. Anyway ,half way we both realised it seems ,without exchanging any words ,that we need to make it if we are to be cruising as we dream to do. so we carried on,i wanted to get off the boat ,as much as she did ,but as you realise that there is no such thing when you are on a boat in the middle of the English Channel.# Anyways it is today new year and we are so happy to be here.