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Captain Log ID: 600
Title: Moving From Dover To Ramsgate
Boat Name(Id): Florina ( 1740)
Sailor Name(Id): Maria George ( 4525)
Geo Region: Dover port
Date of Occurance: 2004-12-20
Latitude: S 53º   0'
Longitude: W 3º   0'
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Monday and after 34 days in Dover onboard we decided to go back to Ramsgate for a decent sleep and a shower.Very hrsh conditions,cold (7oC but with the windchill it felt like 0oC). Tomas the cat was with us,very well behaved so far . The wind kept George awake all night Thursday as he was too concerned about the tent of our boat. He managed to get some sleep in the morning 9-1300hrs ,but by then the day was gone and we decided it was time to pack for now and go home. We decided against using our water tank for washing to maintain low damage to the pump and the tank from overuse. Water tank needs decontamination as we left it untreated for a while ,so with the Aqua clean i found on the boat i am going to treat it next time i go onboard.It says 50ml for 50 ltrs so i will use 40ml for my 40 lt tank. Also we had success with running the engine for 25 minutes going through all check points. Water and antifreeze mixture from spare bottlle on board with glykol in it ,to top up the cooling system. Oil top up with 10-40W 300ml in crank case. Diesel top up 3 ltrs. Battery switch found under sink Battery separator also under galey sink. Plan top move to Ramsgate now a priority. Dinner at opur place tonight wityh Andie and Ema to talk about the trip. We need someone wth experience for our first trip and also someone with VHF license to be on board. Plus we dont have a VHF yet so his handheld is going to do us fine for this small passage....12 miles ,and the tides are funny in dover ,only 2 hours opening the port gates ,ad we need the rising tide to gain some 2 knots advantage on our way to ramsgate. Trip should take about 2-2.30 hours with 5.5 knots which if we have the tide with us will mean we can make it in less than 2 hours.Its worth maybe the wait at dover ?We will see...... Ramsgate Marina has accepted us ,we just need to show up to get the berth. Weather check for next week to be done later today.