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Captain Log ID: 593
Title: Monday In Ramsgate
Boat Name(Id): Florina ( 1740)
Sailor Name(Id): George.Soilis ( 4525)
Geo Region: Dover channel
Date of Occurance: 2004-12-13
Latitude: N 51º   0'
Longitude: E 1º   0'
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Its 17.30 hrs in Ramsgate .Just finished sorting out emails and some info . Maria is preparing diner .We have been to the boat for 5 days , our second week of ownership. Today i sorted out the money issues in ramsgate. We have to look for the marina booking tommorrow. , Didnt have much time to think about Florina , we hope to do that tonight later after dinner . Yesterday during a cleaning operation in the starboard aft side , behind the charttable doghouse,we discovered a full winter cover for Florina. Yellow color,covering all the cockpit,and combined with the hood it looks like the swedish flag(yellow -blue) Our neighbours were amazed to see us after 2 weeks of owning the boat , to turn out that we have a cover.Most thought we had it made, but the truth is we just found it in the boat as we did with so much stuff we got without us even knowing It is the reason why i feel the need to keep in touch with sven the previous owner . he seemed to care about the boat a lot and now i realise how much he did care. and hoe experience he was in maintaining his boat. everything is as new ,even though Florina was built in 1978. Propably it is one of the best examples i ve seen so far , taking also into account the 5 months she sat in Dover with noone to care for her but a friend of the previous owners who would open it from time to time to ventilate it..... I also have to say we bought her without really knowing if she is OK. No survey was done ,we only had with us 2 very experienced sailors and they gave their approval ,that was enough. We exchanged the bill of sale in a coffee shop in Dover ,and we got the boat. I know that it can be hard to get over the VAT issues in some EU countries but we are hoping for the best .If it comes to that we will have to pay it ,so what It wont be more than 1500 -2000 so its not the end of the world. As fot eh marina fees we are for now for free ,and we have the backing of the Kent council ,so we can be anyhwre we want and not really pay marina fees. Anyway enough of that. I ve ordered from chris supplies,alicia came to return our key. I got paid in the post office.Housing sorted.Cocket henderson landlords came for check this morning.I take over the tenancy . Last night installed in Andies PC the C map and it worked. I have to do it son and burn the CDs for him and me also . Shopping list for tommorow will be created later today. Had coffee with maria at miles around 12.00.Got Photo camera from Argos.99.99 .