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Captain Log ID: 57
Title: Bowman Bay on Fidalgo Is
Boat Name(Id): Seafire ( 42)
Sailor Name(Id): Greg Salisbury ( 217)
Geo Region: San Juan Islands
Date of Occurance: 2001-07-01
Latitude: N 48º   27'
Longitude: W 122º   39.599'
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Bowman Bay
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Left Mud Bay bound for Bowman Bay just across Rosario Straight. Gorgeous sunny day again and great scenery on the way. Anchored in Bowman at 1300hrs, only one there! Yaa! For a while anyways. Spent all day hiking incredible trails with fantastic vistas in every direction. I spent all night on the hook rolling up and rolling down and rolling sideways, it was not fun, did not sleep much. The following photos where all taken while hiking the area around Deception Pass State Park which is half on Fidalgo Island and half on Whidbey Island. This area was one of my favourites for beauty both on land and in the waters around the Islands. The strong currents in this area feed an over abundance of sea life. The first photo on the left you can see me anchored in the distance, second boat from the right.