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Captain Log ID: 44
Title: Coming in Juan De Fuca Straits
Boat Name(Id): Mongoose ( 1)
Sailor Name(Id): Tom Yang ( 1)
Geo Region: Seattle, Vancouver
Date of Occurance: 2001-06-01
Latitude: N 48º   23.999'
Longitude: W 124º   30'
Sender (if email-in): sevenknots@NO_SPAM
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Newer log from "Mongoose":  129
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Approached Cape Flattery at 2am. Confuesd by all the lights, we almost overshot to Canada. When we turn in to the straits, wind, for the first time since Golden Gate, came from stern at about 25 knots. Rained lightly. Rough and confused sea. Couldn't really run dead downwind. Many freighters around. Diesel ran dry at 5am... about 5 miles from Neah Bay! Sailing on while I taxed jerry jugs and bled the fuel line. Motored started again at 6:30am when Mongoose was right outside of Neah Bay. 7:30am tied down at Neah Bay. Had breakfast, made phone calls and fueled up since this is the last stop before Canada. 10am left Neah Bay. Sky cleared up but some heavy dark cloud surrounded the mouth of Juan De Fuca. Breezy. Water was so calm that we're motoring at 9 knots. Didn't miss much about the crazy Pacific Ocean. Cold front hit at 1pm while not raining. Soon it turned into a full gale ~40 knots. With 70% jib running into Victoria Harbor and tied down at 4pm. Over the phone, we've got cleared in by the customs. However, since I imported Mongoose to Canada the first time, Transport Canada sent an officer to our dock. NeahBay,CapeFlattery,Victoria,BritishColumbia