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Captain Log ID: 43
Title: Rounding Cape Mendocino At Calm
Boat Name(Id): Mongoose ( 1)
Sailor Name(Id): Tom Yang ( 1)
Geo Region: Northern California
Date of Occurance: 2001-05-26
Latitude: N 40º   7.199'
Longitude: W 124º   30'
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43 hours after leaving Richmond California. 6am Cape Mendocino at beam; wind calm; This place usually blows crazy. 70 knots wind is reported from time to time. Pure luck! 9am Wind East at 8 knots; Raised full sails; Monitor Wind Vane works the first time, but not very sensitive. Refuel 13 gallons from jerry jugs. The Perkins 4-108 burned 40 gallons in 43 hours, roughly at 1950rpm. noon, dead calm; clear. 2:20pm, tested old flares from the repacking of avon life raft. Only the 30,000 candle light (expired at 7/92) rocket parachute flare worked. It was spectacular. Hope nobody saw it, though. 6:30pm approaching Crecent City. Harbour master office was closed. 7pm tied down at the temporary dock. The harbour is full of fishing vessels. Shower is as dirty as a dumpster. 10pm a security guard Ron came collect $16 cash for docking fee. Crecent City, Eurika