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Captain Log ID: 298
Title: Delivering "Eye of the Wind" from UK to Denmark
Boat Name(Id): Eye of the Wind ( 973)
Sailor Name(Id): Ina Koys ( 2328)
Geo Region: North Sea, Denmark
Date of Occurance: 2001-05-01
Latitude: N 54º   30'
Longitude: E 7º   0'
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In Hvidesande Shipyard
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Eye of The Wind - Newsletter

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  The last farewell
  (Kalte Schauer,
  2000, German)

Hi folks,

As promised, here is my final newsletter to you all. We delivered the "Eye" to her new owners in Denmark earlier this month. A very emotional time all around but, all in all, it went well and according to the plan.

Several of our crew have stayed on to help with the re-fit, i.e. Bronwyn, Noreen, Terry and Gwyneth. Rossco and Susie stayed on for two weeks, they are now back in the UK for a while before returning to Tasmania.

The last few months have been blessed with a great crew and voyage crew and Tiger has gone out in a blaze of glory (if you have to go, that's the way to do it!).

Tiger has been with me for the last few days and tells me he wants to send you all a personal newsletter when he gets back to Oz. So you will have to wait for that one.

After all the years, I am going to find it strange not having to worry about the Eye and all its problems. But I must admit, it is a great relief.


Over the years with the Eye I have made a great many friends (some very special) and I would like to send you all my love and hugs, with a big "Thank you" for making it all possible.

The legend of the Eye and Tiger will live on for many years to come, and you all are a part of that legend.

So, 'till our paths cross again, Good sailing and have fun!!


(picture by Daniele, added for this website by Ina)

by IKO