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Captain Log ID: 278
Title: Antigua
Boat Name(Id): Blue Jacket ( 58)
Sailor Name(Id): Geoff Schultz ( 306)
Geo Region: Caribbean Chain
Date of Occurance: 2001-02-23
Latitude: N 17º   7.74'
Longitude: W 61º   52.08'
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Antigua, February 17-24, 2001

I just wanted to get a quick note off saying that I'm doing fine and that all is well on the island of Antigua. Antigua is a wonderful island. They claim to have a beach for each day of the year, and I almost believe them. Miles and miles of beautiful sand beaches spread over an island that's about 10x13 miles. Once again the road paving crew needs some help, but it's a great place to spend time in. St. John's Harbour

Charlie & Sherri Way, who are some long time friends, met up with BlueJacket in St. John's harbour, which is a typical cruise ship town with lots of (tacky) shops, and I wouldn't get in the water if you paid me. But it's near the airport and you can clear in there. Customs and immigration are easy, but you have to scamper up a large rock wall from your dinghy to get a cruising permit (which only takes about 1/2 an hour and 6 people to handle/retype/review the paperwork). If nothing else
you learn patience.

Morris BayRight around the corner from St. John's is Deep Bay, which has wonderful beaches, cleaner water, and good snorkeling. There's even a freighter wreck that's close to the surface. We even got to watch a charter boat sail right over it! Shudder! That's's only a rental...It was also funny to watch the cruise ship folks pile onto boats to be taken (literally & physically) for a beach/snorkeling trip the Deep Bay. I have great faith that they could have hopped into a taxi for a mile or
two ride & gotten there faster & cheaper than via the boat.

On Tuesday we were supposed to have met Marcia in Jolly Harbor, but something happened and we never met up. Jolly Harbour is a great place to clear in to, has tons of marine related facilities, but isn't much on aesthetics.English & Falmouth Harbour

On Wednesday it was on to Falmouth Harbour via way of Carlisle Bay, which finally had the typical crystal clear Caribbean water. It's a great place to stop for lunch. Falmouth Harbour is THE place in Antigua for the mega-yachts to dock. There's one boat here that's 300', has a Bell helicopter, at least 2 large inflatables, a 35' Boston whaler, and 2 small catamarans on it. One of the boats had a major fire on Friday night, and the top super structure is heavily burned. We missed it
while we were at dinner.

WindmillOn Friday we rented at car and explored the island. One of my favorite places had a restored wind mill, which was used in the sugar cane industry. Ruins dot the landscape, and according to what we read, at one time there were 178 wind mills here! Of great disappointment to all was that the Antigua Brewing Co. didn't provide tours. :-)

The windlass, which is used to haul up the anchor, decided to break a part, so Charlie got to experience the joys of boat ownership and how accessible parts are. I had a replacement part shipped, which arrived last night. My $64 parts cost $29 in shipping and a $60 taxi ride to get them...Oh well.

Once I install the parts and get some welding done it's off to Montserrat. You can safely visit the north side of the island and take tours of the active volcano side. That should be cool!

That's it from here. Hope all is well.

For more photos, please visit my web site at and select "2001 Sailing".